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A & D Sutherland Stone (Advert)

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Bespoke music: Providing a soundtrack for your business

Creating a sound identity through musical underscore.

I provided a bespoke underscore for a corporate advert designed to showcase the products on offer and their origins. The advert in question is very much a long form story showing the process from start to finish.

The Production

Mark Currie of Catapult Films filmed, directed and produced the film and approached me to create a custom underscore to the finished picture.

I wanted to create a track that was intimate and mysterious but that also packed a punch when the scale was important. Some of Mark's shots are truly epic so i needed to make sure there was support in the music.

The story of Scotland’s largest producer of Caithness Stone, A&D Sutherland, based in the Scottish Highlands. This film touches on the history of the region's stone, whilst showcasing the quarry and its natural stone reserves. The film also highlights the various skills required to extract and cut the stone, as well as evidencing several high profile end use projects.

Musical Theme

Having a bespoke and customised theme to support your brand and marketing can have a massive impact. The theme can be written and edited in such a way that it can be used across all platforms and at various lengths (stings, idents, stripped back loops etc).

If you'd like to find out more about custom musical themes for your project, Contact Me!

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