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Maurice Grumbleweed New Album

One Door Opens

A brand new album released in October 2020

In what was a crazy and tumultuous year, Maurice Grumbleweed and I managed to produce a brand new album full of original songs penned by Maurice and recorded, produced and mixed by me at the HFM studios.

The album will be released on 12th October 2020 across all streaming platforms. It is likely that we'll also do short runs of physical merchandise so keep an eye out!

A Group Effort

We weren't the only performers on the album. We also collaborated with Steve Forward on In To Hell - one of the album singles we released. Steve provided us with excellent guitar performances and suggestions which were [huh huh] instrumental in the finishing of the track

We sent off all the mixes for a final master to Graeme Lynch of Two Zero Nine Mastering and i think you'll agree he did an excellent job.

We asked Warren Grime of Howell - Jones Photography to photograph Maurice for the cover, and asked Sven Shaw to design and produce the front and back covers for the album.

Go And Listen!

To hear the album, you can find it on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, YouTube and many more.

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