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Marc Todd

Marc Todd's Feel Like A Hurricane

The new single Feel Like A Hurricane out now.

I've been working with Marc Todd on his new album Self Titled. Marc writes really great accessible songs that cover the indie folk rock genre.

Released on Glasstone Records, the first couple of singles from the album are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

Artwork from the single Fell Like A Hurricane.

Marc is regularly touring and playing various gigs throughout the country. Make sure to check him out on his social media pages and Spotify

Featuring a music video from Submarine Films

In a total coup for Marc, he's managed to get a music video made by Ben Hutchinson of the renowned video production company Submarine Films. Starring Nicole Evans you can check it out here...

Watch Out For New Singles

Marc is currently working on further singles for release early in 2023. Keep an eye out and follow him on Spotify to get first ears on them!

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