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June, 2019


Original Music for Navvies Documentary complete

I have completed the music for a moving and fascinating documentary titled The Navvies Who Built Bramhope Tunnel. Filmed, edited and produced by Mark Currie of Catapult Films, I'll share a link as soon as it's available.


June, 2019


Available now -  Mo & Me (Feat. Maurice Grumbleweed)

Available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and most other streaming services are two singles released on the HFM label In Martinique and Dusty are written, recorded, produced and mixed by Maurice Grumbleweed and myself.


April, 2019


Marc Todd's latest single released

I've been working with Marc Todd on his new album. Marc writes really great accessible songs that cover the indie folk genre. He's released the first couple of singles from the album available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. Check out the link below.

November, 2018


M.O.T - The Letter Song (HFM Remix)

I this week have delivered the masters for my latest remix to Redsquare Music based in Rome. Below is a little taster of how it sounds. 

The Letter Song (HFM Remix) Extract - Hugh Fowler/Travis Crawford/Hammadi Boujmal

September, 2018


Working with Maurice Grumbleweed

HFM is shortly going to be releasing some original songs that have been born from a new collaboration between Maurice Grumbleweed and myself. Available across all platforms I'll be announcing the release very soon

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August, 2018


Original Music for Pendle Hill Film

I've provided an original score for a short documentary exploring the suspected site of Malkin Tower on Pendle Hill.


Filmed, Edited, Directed and Produced by Mark Currie at Catapult films, the film can be watched here...

July, 2018


Mixing a new track for release in Spain

HFM is working with songwriter Rachelle Fisher on her upcoming release. I have just completed the first mix of the track together with an HFM original Remix. More details to follow shortly and hopefully a link to the results!

April, 2018

Soundtrack complete for new short film, The Ultra Mind


I've completed the soundtrack to a short film titled The Ultra Mind by Shyla Lee. Filmed and produced in Yorkshire by Shyla Lee/Clayhouse Productions, and quoting Shyla... "In this film Amanda talks about the gruelling endurance challenge that is ultra-running. This film is important as it reaffirms our belief in the human body and that each one of us is capable of much more than we think. If we freed ourselves from our perceived limitations and tapped into our latent power, the possibilities are endless."

July, 2017


HFM is working with Ben Moss on his upcoming album


Ben is a well respected live performer with a good few years under his belt performing original, self-penned songs in the pop/rock/folk genre. We are working together to produce a selection of songs for his up-coming album due for release in early 2018. For exclusive clips of some of the tracks please sign up for the newsletter.

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